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cups and ballsWelcome Cups and balls magic is the home of cups and balls magic reviews, news, videos and unique products on the web. I'm Brian Watson and the cups and balls has held a fascination for me since I first began magic over 30 years ago and it's still going strong. Whether it's watching the cups being performed, teaching, performing or reviewing, the passion has never left.

Why a Cups and Balls Website?

This website initially started off because although I had a couple of sets of cups and balls, I wanted to find the perfect set for me. My first professional set of cups were bought for my 16th birthday by my parents (thank mum and dad!) and I still have and use them, they are an older set of copper Morrissey cups. Over the years I had created unique moves, adaptations of existing moves and sleights and many routines and I was looking for a set of working cups and balls that suited me perfectly.

Without having access to a great number of cups and with magic dealers only having 1 or 2 sets at conventions I had to source them from all over and so it took me a long time to find my perfect set. I did find them though! You can click here to see them.

Along the way I decided to document my search by reviewing all the cups I bought along with all the other related items such as wands, working balls, final loads, chop cups, close up mate, books etc.

My cups and balls collection has now far exceeded the pages on this website and I do intend to catch up and review everything eventually and so reviews will continue to appear here on a regular basis so remember to check back often.

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Contributions and Guest Reviews

I receive many emails from all over the world asking for reviews, advice or opinions on various cups, chop cups, wands etc., however I don't have access to every product on the market. With this in mind, guest reviews are always gratefully appreciated.

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Brian Watson 


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