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The Andrew Zuber Collection...

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Photo (Left to Right) 
Mendoza copper combo cups and Phoenix Sunfire balls (RNT2), Sherwood Nickel-plated combo cups and Sherwood balls (Brett Sherwood), Magic Makers brass cups (my first set of heavy cups!) and Chopped olive set with final load (Magic Makers/RNT2)

Wands (Top to Bottom)
Plastic wand used for kids shows (maker unknown), Mercury wand (Michael Ammar), Magic Makers two-piece wooden wand (first heavy wand!) (Magic Makers), Moonlight Magic Mayan Bloodwood wand with magnetic tip (Michael Myatt)


Name: Andrew Zuber

Resides: Newcastle, UK via Los Angeles via Seattle, USA

Occupation: Master's student

First set of Cups: Magic Makers plastic cups (gotta start somewhere!)

Magic Background: I wasn't thoroughly bitten with the magic bug until my mid-20s when I visited the Magic Castle for the first time and saw Denny Haney doing his card manipulations in the Palace of Mystery.

Sufficiently fooled, I knew I needed to learn magic. I visited my local shop, The Magic Apple, in Studio City, California. There I purchased my first set of cups and a wand; the guy who sold them to me (who is a good friend and excellent restaurant magician) handed me the bag and said, "These are like spinach for magicians."

Gotta eat your spinach before you get dessert, gotta learn the cups and balls before you move on to other things. Well as it turned out, I love spinach. Can't get enough of it. I spent two days at a beach house, sitting in front of the TV as Michael Ammar talked me through the Mora vanish while my friends played in the ocean.

I began taking lessons with Tony Clark in Los Angeles, and together we assembled a parlor act, including some custom built props. With a background as a stand up comedian, working magic into my act just made sense. Aside from Tony, I have had the pleasure of working with names including Pete Biro, Dean Dill, Etienne Laurenceau in Paris and Michael Vincent in London.

I've had the opportunity to spend some time with Lance Burton on several occasions, and I keep telling him that I'll be happy to take his place when he's ready to hang up his hat for good. He insists he'll call me.

In the mean time, I'm finishing up my Master's dissertation in international business so that I may return to the states to continue working in my other love, which is television.

I'm sure at least one set of cups will grace the shelves of my office upon my return...and possibly a dove or two if they let me.

Thanks Andrew! 

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