Your Cups


  • Andrew Zuber
    Andrew Zuber shares part of his collection with us...
  • Doug James
    Doug James shares his beautiful collection with us...
  • Brian Watson
    The webmaster's on-going collection of cups and balls sets and chop cups...
  • Jeremy Bessette
    Jeremy Bessette Shares His Quite Uniqe Collection With Us...
  • Andre Limantara
    Andre shows us his wonderfully patined Mendoza combo's and fine handmade wand...
  • David VanVranken
    David VanVranken's fine cups collection...
  • Tom Fenton
    Tom Fenton's collection of beautiful cups...
  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith's stunning sets of cups and balls and chop cups...

Do you collect cups and balls?  Are you a working performer who wants to show of their cups? This is your space to show of your collections! 

All you need to do is email the following info to the address below:

  • Your pictures* (maximum of 3 please and no larger than 800 x 800 pixels each.) 
  • A description naming the cups (i.e. front row left to right, middle row left to right, back row left to right etc.) 
  • A profile and photo of yourself (optional but it would be nice to get to know people.) 
  • Website address (if you have a website address that is.) 
*Please ensure that you virus scan any files before sending.

Name: *
Email: *

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