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The Bruce Smith Collection...

Chop Cups

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Row 1: (Back Row)
RNT2 Copper Ken Brooke, Tannen’s Aluminum, Tim Star Aluminum Bell, RNT2 Copper Don Alan, RNT2 Aluminum Don

Row 2:
RNT2 Aluminum/w Bronze Liner Stubby Don Alan, RNT2 Copper Worker’s, Original Rings N things Aluminum Julep,

RNT2 Aluminum PF, RNT2 Copper/w Bronze Liner 50th Anniversary Stubby Don Alan

Row 3:
RNT2 Copper Ken Brooke Stubby, RNT2 Chrome Strolling, RNT2 Copper Strolling, RNT2 Aluminum Strolling, Tannen’s
 Hammered Copper, Johnson Products Brass Golden Chop Cup, Collector’s Workshop Caliph’s Cone

Row 4:
Eric Hansen Various Wood and sizes (Cups 1-7), Collector’s Workshop Wooden Hindu Cups

Cups & Balls 


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Another View
cups and balls collection

Row 1: (Back Row)
RNT2 Copper Chick Cups, Zauberladen Zurich Copper Cellini, RNT2 Copper Traditional, James Riser Copper, Traditional Found Cups Ceramic (Ikea)

Row 2:
RNT2 Black Chrome Princess 2, RNT2 Aluminum Monti, RNT2 Copper Monti, RNT2 Stainless Steel Monti, RNT2 Copper JM1, RNT2 Copper Phoenix 2, ? Wooden Cups 

Row 3:
Pete Biro Brass Johnny Paul, RNT2 Brass Foxy 2, RNT2 Stainless Steel Mini PF, James riser Copper Mini, Ickle Pickle Aluminum Mini Combo, Ickle Pickle Copper Mini, C&BM Copper Commemorative Cups

Row 4:
RNT2 Chrome Classic, RNT2 Copper Squatty 2, RNT2 Copper Foxy 2.5, Johnson Products Brass Golden Cups, Ireland’s Aluminum Laurie Ireland’s Cups, RNT2 Church Bronze Squatty, Birelli Aluminum Traditional

Row 5:
Magic INC Chrome Charlie Miller, RNT2 Brass Sisti, PF DD Copper Type 2 Paul Fox, RNT2 Copper PF, RNT2 Stainless Steel PF, Magic INC Copper Charlie Miller, Tom Frank Mint Copper Phoenix



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Name: Bruce Smith

Resides: Denver, Colorado, USA

Occupation: Sales Consumer Electronics

Years in Magic: Over 30+ years, started as a child in the 70’s. Like others I have left the hobby and have returned many times throughout my life, most recently a year ago… that is when I caught Cup Fever.

First set of real Cups: RNT Monti Aluminum Combo Cups, 1978-79 I paid $29.

Magic Status: Serious hobbyist, dreams of opening a brick and mortar magic shop.

Magic Interests: Close-up Magic and Magic History… seriously afraid of clowns (have learned to cope with Mad Jake).  (Ed note: The technical term for this is "Coulrophobia" and I can help with it Bruce!)

Other Interests: Music, High Performance Stereo Systems, I love Jazz Trios. I love music but can’t play an instrument, but I can play a stereo.

Thanks Bruce!


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