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Ken Brooke / BurtiniProduct: Ken Brooke Heavy Copper Cups

Maker: Burtini

Price:     N/A



Overview:cups and balls cups and ballscups and ballscups and ballscups and balls 5/5



These were bought privately and have long been unavailable

What's Included?:

The 3 cups came with the original working balls.  The balls have "powerball" cores and are around 1 1/4" in size.

With working ballsDelivery Time / Packaging:

Delivery time?  I spoke to John on the phone at 1pm and they arrived 9am.  He could have only topped that if he delivered them himself by motorcycle courier!

As for packing, each cup was packaged separately in a thick poly bag, cups stacked and then the whole lot wrapped in bubble wrap.  Extra packing was placed around the whole lot in a stout cardboard box.  Perfect!

Construction / Durability:

These cups are reasonably heavy.  Not quite as heavy as Phoenix cups but heavier than an average cup.  They feel solid, sturdy and very tactile in the hand.

Durability, well they arrived in perfect, unused condition after what I guess to be 30 - 40 years after being made and I don't see why they wont last another 30 - 40 without any problems, unless I wear them out using them!

With loadsSuitability:

They stack well and will fit 3 Ambitious Card monkey fist balls between the cups when nested but not RNT2 working balls (or the original balls that came with them.)

These hold a tennis ball sized final load (a personal favourite and also of Tom Fenton's, hi Tom!) which suits me too.


I like these cups.  I like these cups a lot!  They feel wonderful in the hand.  Although they are similar to the Bertram / Miller style cups they just seem to hit the mark where the Phoenix cups missed.

With loadsThey have a bit more attic space, feel economically nicer in the hand and the bead is nice and tight.  Did I mention I like these cups?

I have different cups for different routines (including my own) and it only dawned on me while playing with these that the cups seem to choose the routines they like best.

These cups love to work the Vernon routine.

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