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Product: Love Cups

Maker: Gary Animal ( Gary Knights )


Overview:cups and balls cups and ballscups and ballscups and ballshalf 4.5/5


cups and balls Gary Animal Love CupsSide Note:

These cups were sold in order to buy a set of mega thick love cups, I found the photographs in a cups and ball folder awaiting review.  I cannot recall the price, however these were bought directly from Gary a good few years back as seconds.

Cups and balls sold by Gary as seconds can hardly be described as such.  This particular set was used by me for around 6 months with no issues or problems what so ever.  The cups themselves were pretty much perfect, the reason Gary sold them as seconds was because one of the shoulder beads had a slightly flatter top to it, you can see this in the photographs below.

This in no way affected the handling at all and just gave the cups character.  Ironically the cups that Gary classes as seconds are better than some sets of cups and balls I have bought that were meant to be perfect!

The reason I am reviewing these (even though some of the details are less accurate) is because I will be reviewing Gary's Mega Thick Love Cups next week.  Think of these as a kind of "prelude."

Animal Love Cups What's Included?:

This set just included the cups themselves.  The latest deals Gary has been selling on facebook have included a pouch, cups and balls, wand and leather or suede bag (I bought a lovely set of Gazzo's recently.)

Delivery Time / Packaging:

If I remember correctly these came when Gary was in the UK which would date them to around 2006 (?)  With this in mind I cannot recall the exact postage detials however I have bought from Gary a few times and every time he package has been shipped well packaged and within a few days.  He's a solid guy.

Construction / Durability:

The Love cups and a beautiful set of cups and balls, they are very aesthetically pleasing but also built like tanks.  Gary has a good eye and he's very artistic but he also knows how to make incredibly durable, well designed cups.

Gary's cups and balls sets always have personality because his shoulder beads are spun on air rather than using rollers.

love cupsSuitability:

Faultless.  These were designed by a well heeled and seasoned performer who knows the business inside out.  Gary is pretty unique in that he has studied art and sculpture, knows the ins and outs of performing, knows the manufacturing process and culminates all of that into incredibly suitable and hard working cups that look great.

Even though this set was classed as Gary as seconds they were perfect workers. 


Overall I loved using and worknig with these cups and I never would have parted with them, the only reason I did was to fund a set of Mega Thick Love Cups.  I love heavy cups and I always wanted a set and, with love cups being one of my favourite sets of cups it seemed the natural route to go.  Next week I will be reviewing the Mega Thick Love's.

Available from: Gary Knights

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