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What You GetProduct: Chechen with Black Walnut base

Maker: Eric Hansen

Price:     $65



Overview:cups and balls cups and ballscups and ballscups and ballscups and balls 5/5



I said in another review of Eric's cups that their price belies their beauty and this holds true for the Chechen cup with Black Walnut Base too.  If you simply received the cup it would be a great price but you don't...

What's Included?:

This included the beautiful cup, 2 miniature baseball bats, bottle green velvet bag with red ribbon drawstring and 2 miniature baseballs (1 chopped.)

Delivery Time / Packaging:

The review of Eric's Birch Burl chop cup mentioned that the package was held up in customs, well this was also in the same package so it would be unfair of me to make a judgement call on the timing.

As I said in the other review though, the package was sent the day after I communicated with Eric and it was expertly packaged.

I should also mention that I had not really spoken to Eric before ordering this and I had a few questions which were answered honestly, quickly and openly.  Eric is a great guy to deal with.

Construction / Durability:

Just like the Birch Burl, this is a wonderfully put together piece.  Eric's attention to deatil shows when you look at the inside of the cup and the joint of the cup and base.

InsideRather than simply joining them Eric has created a lovely decorative yet subtle finish by adding a contrasting black and red boarder.

I should point out that I had to use a flash to photograph the cup in order to show the grain.  The cup is actually richer and darker than the photographs.

It's hard to photograph Eric's work because it is more beautiful in the flesh.

Again, as far as durability goes I see this lasting a life time with correct care and handling.


Baseball loadThis was designed to take a baseball for a final load, which it does with ease.  The dark wood contrasts nicely with a white basball and it is a nice congruant load to match the balls.

The balls Eric supplied with this cup are quite good too, a couple of miniature baseballs, not as nice as Mike Rogers ones but servicable.  The action of the cup with these balls is a little strong for my liking, however I am awaiting delivery of some RNT2 balls which have an adjustable gaff.

Bruce (BCS on cupscon) informs me that the monkey fist balls from the ambitious card work well with Eric's cups too, I do not have any at present to test them, however Bruce is a stand up guy who writes great reviews so I have no doubt whatsoever that this is true.


Chechen with black walnut baseOverall this is another beautiful cup from Eric.  Considering what is supplied with this cup, its funcitonality, beauty and appeal, this is a steal at $65.

This cup feels so nice in your hand and it is a little heavier than the Birch Burl but then it is a bigger cup.

Again, a highly recommended piece and something that I use, not just look at and that has to count for something... 

Available from: Eric Hansen

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