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 Harry Stanley, Foxy 2.5 & Supreme Dumpy Cup Comparison:

cups and balls harry stanley and supreme dumpy cups

Although it is more obvious to the naked eye than in this photograph, there is a definite difference in bead height and thickness.  The (chromed) Stanley cups beads are crisper and lower than the Supreme Dumpy cups.

cups adn balls supreme dumpy and harry stanley cups

Here's a closer look. 

cups and balls bead height

When stacked the Dumpy's are a touch higher and you can clearly see that the mouth beads overhang the top shoulder beads.  This doesn't happen on the Stanley cups.

cups and balls bead difference

The inner mouth diameter of the Stanley cup and the width of the Dumpy cup will not allow the Stanley cup to stack onto the Dumpy. 

cups and balls

The Dumpy easily clears the Stanley shoulder bead and overhangs it.

cups and balls inside mouth bead

The inside mouth dimension of the Dumpy is larger than that of the Stanley though it is harder to see in this photograph.

cups and balls foxy 2.5 dumpy and stanley cups

Left to right: Foxy 2.5's, Stanley Cups & Dumpy

cups and balls foxy 2.5's

As you can see the Foxy 2.5 is nearly covered by the Dumpy and the 2.5 sits atop the Dumpy like a hat!

cups and balls mouth diameters

Showing the difference in internal mouth diameters of the 2.5's and the Dumpy cups. 


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