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The Doug James Collection...

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Here's the collection removed from the cabinet and stacked on the kitchen counter:

cups and balls 

Back Row: Found 'traditional' cups, RNT2 Super Shibby G2 Street Cups, Andy Comic's, Bazar de Magia combos, Early
Morrissey set (1970's), Tannen's Garcia Cups, El Duco Golden Cups, Biro/Johnny Paul cups, & Cheap polished aluminum cups from India

Second Row: RNT2 Mendoza Combos, RNT2 Satin Monti's, RNT2 Stainless Monti's, JP Brass, JP Copper, Brett Sherwood Smooth Copper, RNT2 Foxy 2.5 Aluminum, & James Riser Standard cups

Third Row: Magic Inc. Charlie Miller Cups, TF Phoenix Cups, RNT2 Phoenix II, RNT2 Classic Cups, Jim Sisti Pro Cups (original), JES Squatty cups, MM Paul Faux brass, & FT Stainless 'Solari' Cups

Front Row: Mini Monti polished copper, Cups & Balls Museum Commemorative Cups, JP Chop Cup, Al Wheately Master Chop Cup, Jr., Morriessy Chop cup, Eric Hansen chop cup (tennis ball), Chopped found cup (military artillery casing), Eric Hansen chop cup (golf ball), Bob Knigge Micro Chop Cup (pewter), & Found copper bowl for Benson bowl routine.

Here's the collection unnested:

cups and balls magic 

Finally, this is a set of found 'Indian style' cups. They are actually small tagine's for serving spices, and I think they make a great set of mini Indian cups. The monkey fists are some that I tied from satin cording over clear glass marbles.


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Name: Doug James

Resides: Hickory, North Carolina, USA

Occupation: General Manager of a wholesale leather company providing tanned, finished hides to Automotive, Airline, and Furniture Manufacturers.

Years in Magic: More than 20 years. I have been interested in magic since early childhood. My first magic set was called "The Magic Hat" that included a paddle trick, a magic wand, and numerous other such effects all housed in a hard plastic magic hat with a hidden compartment inside. I clearly recall a button on the rim that when pressed would squirt water out the top of the hat...

After tinkering with magic as a child for a couple of years and reading everything I could get my hands on at school and the public library, I walked away from it for many years. In 1990, freshly out of the US Air Force, I met a man who was a photographer by trade and a magic hobbyist. His love of magic and sleight of hand reignited the spark and I was smitten once more.

I caught Cup Fever in 2008 and have thoroughly enjoyed this very specialized field of the magical arts.

First set of real Cups: El Duco Golden Cups. If I recall correctly, I paid $99 for them in 1997 or 98.

Magic Status: Currently a hobbyist. I was a 'semi-pro' for nearly 10 years performing elementary school & Library shows as well as family and kids' shows. Past Local President of SAM Assembly #173 - Art Thompson Top Hat Assembly in Charlotte, NC.

Magic Interests: Close-up, Bizarre, and Magic History. I really enjoy reading biographies of magicians and kindred artists.

Other Interests: I am also a hobbyist painter and enjoy art in nearly any form - paintings, drawings, sculpture, assemblage, collage, etc. In recent years, the majority of my commissioned paintings have been pet portraits.

Thanks Doug! 

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