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foxy 2.5'sProduct: SBL Designer Series Foxy 2.5 Copper Cups

Maker: RNT2

Price:     $374.99 (current price although these were bought for $250 during the closing down sale.) ed's note. Amazingly Donnie is still doing these at $249.99!

Overview:cups and balls cups and ballscups and ballscups and ballscups and balls 5/5


What's Included?:

3 Spun copper Cups and basic black bag.

Construction / Durability:

foxy 2.5 cups and ballsThey say good things come to those that wait; I can attest to this. Late in October of 2008, I ordered from RNT2 a set of SBL Designer Foxy 2.5 Copper Cups. They finally arrived as of early May 2009 and I am here to say they were worth the wait.

I received 3 gleaming polished copper Cups and a standard nondescript black bag. Like all the RNT2 Cups in my collection, these Cups were spun with the same love and attention to detail.


tennis ball final loadBest that I can research the RNT2 SBL Designer Foxy 2.5 Cups, it seems they came to be in early 2006; to this day this set of Cups has remained a favorite of magicians due to their final load capacity (this being a standard sized tennis ball) and their deceptive size.

By this I mean that the Cups look as though they could never contain their final load. The illusion is even greater than that of a Paul Fox Cup concealing a lacrosse ball. So far I have been using them with 7/8 th” sized balls which just look right to me. The Cup is capable of concealing 3 such balls on the saddle with the Cups stacked.


What great cups these are, small, handsome and deceptive. We probably appreciate the different shapes of the cups more so then our spectators ever will.  Appearance wise, the SBL Designer Foxy 2.5 Cups remind me of a Cup designed during the Art Nuevo period… very sleek lines and modernistic looking. I received the set highly polished and for now, the Cups are telling me that they want to remain shinny.

tennis ball loadsPerformance wise, one would be hard pressed to find any faults. As stated above the SBL Designer Foxy 2.5 Cups are a favorite and very well regarded in the magic community; in my opinion they are destined to become a classic.

Until you actually see the Cups in person and touch them, will you have an understanding of their beauty and beguile. I recommend that you seek out a set to try and become captivated under their spell.

Available from: RNT2

Thanks Bruce!

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